This is a censored reply to some people posting comments tho the injustice in Jamaica.

@Ted- your complaining about people writing fake prescriptions? Have you ever seen some of the side effects of prescription drugs? NOONE gets "whacked out" of their mind on pot. @F- You do realize that just because it is made legal does not mean people will use it inappropriately? People already use drugs in all the scenarios you pointed out, so where's your logic? And your final point isn't valid either, murderers and rapists don't need to use "I was high" as an excuse, there is NO EXCUSE. Why not whine about alcohols influence on moral values? Every year, alcohol related rapes, assaults, and murders are verifiable. You are so wrong on every point you should stop posting your drivel. @ Tom- Pilots already use cocaine, have for years, as well as truck drivers. Helps them stay awake. Bus drivers typically use alcohol, not acid, but if we legalized drugs, of course normal people would start using every type of drug. We're all Lemmings right? As for docters using heroin before a surgery? Now you sound like Rush Limbaugh. Oh yeah, he used the prescription version Methadone. I'm sure some surgeons use Methadone already, but it's a legally obtained prescription drug available at any pharmacy, so that makes it ok right? Another Lemming graces the comments section with their propagandists rhetoric. Go ahead and tell me "I'm a teacher, I think I know what I'm talking about." I say tell that to Rachel Hoffman from Tallahassee Fl. Oh yeah, yoiu can't, she's another FSU graduate that became a victim of our "War On Ourselves"> Lemming!!

Drug raid nets 15, plus drugs, guns By MARK I. JOHNSON, Staff Writer   I posted a reply to this article on

Ok, seeing as how I can not for some reason reply to individual posts, I will take my time and reply to all at once. @Peridot- an 8ball? please, 655 grams of marijuana will only satisfy about 12 potheads, I speak from experience. It's only a half an ounce per person. I feel that in no way is this a justified use of law enforcement funding. 14 states have passed medical marijuana laws and California votes in November for legalization. If more than a quarter of our country feels that marijuana has medicinal value, than it seems to me that it should not be classified as a Schedule I drug. Schedule I meaning it has no medicinal value, which is BS.
@ TheTruth- Know who else was just doin there job? The National Guard on May 4 1970. Look it up, "Tin soldier and Nixon's coming, we're finally on our own, this summer I hear the drummin,FOUR DEAD IN O-HI-O" It was sung about by CSNY, and it is a big deal. Kent state university has forever been changed due to a "few good men". How many lives are destroyed due to our "War on Drugs"? Normally law abiding citizens are jailed and have their children taken away, solely because they prefer marijuana over alcohol. The police are allowed to go to a bar and get hammered, but I'll go to jail if I smoke a flower? RIDICULOUS!!!!! I don't think I should be locked up for owning a bag of flowers.
@garnet- No I do not agree with you, any size dent is not a good dent. Why spend millions to gain thousands? It is our law enforcement telling us how ineffective their tactics are, so next year they can spend more for the same outcome. Justify it however you want it, it's a waste of money in an unstable economy. Spending so much money when we have homeless families and hungry children. Spend that damn money on something worthwile, like housing for the homeless, and food for the hungry. Create jobs for thousands by distributing the food to the needy. Buy old hotels, renovate and house the needy. Do something worthwile, stop wasting money frivolously. If the funding for this sting op came out of the police's retirement fund, would it have lasted two years and netted about 11 guns, one pound of pot, one pound of coke, and some two way radios? Doubt it.